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Originally released on cassette in March of 2011 as SLG017 by Sweat Lodge Guru.

"Two sides from kindred tongues and talents. Pink Priest recites drifting sermons of drone optimized for late night broadcast and early A.M. syndication. A Grave With No Name delivers several episodic serials scripted around strings and structure; the linear complement to PP’s more Lynchian motives. Limited to 70 pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes (SOLD OUT)."


released March 8, 2011

‘Pink Grave’ is a split-tape with William Cody Watson’s sadly now defunct Pink Priest project, which came out through Sweat Lodge Guru back in March of 2011. William and I had been speaking about doing a release together for some time, but I remember struggling to finish any songs after the release of my first album ‘Mountain Debris’. Whilst revisiting this release and reading back through my correspondence with William, I was reminded that it took me nearly a year and a half to come up with the seven songs on my side of the tape, whereas his contribution, the haunting, meditative ‘When Hell Was Young’, was sent to me all the way back in October 2009.

The creation of this tape was an important catalyst in the creation of A Grave With No Name’s second album, ‘Lower’, which I had been struggling to complete at the time. Although ‘Lower’, and ‘Pink Grave’ share some of the same DNA, they're more like half-brothers than identical twins. ‘Pink Grave’ is perhaps the more ruminant, pensive and prayerful of the two, and features an alternative drum-less take of ‘We Passed the Moon’ which on some days I prefer to the album cut which appears on ‘Lower’.

70 pro-dubbed copies of the ‘Pink Grave’ cassette were made, and I remember waking up on the day of their release to find out that they had sold out overnight, which in my world is perhaps the closest I'll ever get to going platinum.

William is an exceptional artist and a gifted writer, and his vast, affecting body of music can, and should, be explored over at: pinkpriest.bandcamp.com. I hope we get the chance to collaborate again sometime in the future.


January 2016

Tracks 1-7 written and recorded by Alexander Shields.

Track 8 by William Cody Watson.

R.I.P. Pink Priest 2008-2011.



all rights reserved


A Grave With No Name London, UK

A Grave With No Name mine their own distinctive vein of haunted, freaked folk/ art rock, tracing delicate fissures in the emotional radiography of loss and longing to spellbinding effect.

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